Treeline Ecological Research conducts ecological and other scientific studies on behalf of governments, industry, conservation groups, non-governmental organizations and citizens, and First Nations. Treeline has expertise in a wide range of disciplines. Our studies encompass areas as diverse as environmental health, water quality and contaminants, vegetation and landscape ecology, rare flora, conservation planning, climatology and hydrology, habitat evaluation, environmental and population change over time, and long-term ecological monitoring.

Experience has shown that new insights are gained in proportion to the interdisciplinary knowledge brought to bear on a problem. For that reason, our approach is to examine all relevant data, test all assumptions, and use interdisciplinary approaches.

Treeline is unique in its field. Its principal investigator, Dr. Kevin Timoney, leads all studies. Timoney is both an academic and a consultant, bringing a high level of scientific knowledge and academic rigor to investigations. Wherever possible, data analyses look across time (past, present, and future), across space and across spatial scales, and look at each problem with multiple analytical lenses. Close working relationships with other scientists, university students, and geographic consultants provide diverse scientific and analytical capabilities and the use of powerful geographic information system and mapping applications. Studies in remote areas with minimum logistical support are a forte. We have extensive research experience in wetland, forest, boreal, subarctic, arctic, and alpine environments.

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